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PSNI Chief Constable candidates can expect to face Gerry Kelly - who tried to sue Matt Baggott - at job interview


A senior Sinn Fein member who recently tried to sue the Chief Constable will help decide on his replacement.

North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly is one of nine members who will sit on the appointment panel to consider who will take up the £195,500 per year post.

In February Mr Kelly launched civil legal proceedings against outgoing Chief Constable Matt Baggott after he was carried on the front of a police Land Rover last June.

He did so despite admitting he was at fault for his role in the fracas which happened after a contentious loyal order parade through the north of the city.

Mr Kelly dropped the case following a furious public backlash.

The Policing Board, of which Mr Kelly is a member, yesterday launched its advertising campaign for the job as head of the most scrutinised force in the world.

As well as English and Irish, the advert also featured Ulster Scots.

The next chief constable is expected to be in place for June.

Board chair Anne Connolly said: "This is a high profile role, policing in the most challenging operational environment in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

"We are looking for an individual with considerable operational experience and sound business skills, capable of delivering continuous improvement in the context of a reducing budget.

"The Board's vision is to ensure the delivery of an effective, efficient, impartial, representative and accountable policing service which secures the confidence of the whole community. The successful applicant will have the leadership, professional and people skills to lead officers and staff in ensuring Northern Ireland becomes safer and stronger."

The closing date for applications is Friday 25 April.

Current Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton remains the front runner for the job.

The next Chief Constable will be paid £195,483 per annum plus benefits.

As well as Mr Kelly, the appointment panel consists of Ms Connolly, Jonathan Craig MLA, Brice Dickson, Ross Hussey MLA, Dolores Kelly MLA, Chris Lyttle MLA, Joan O'Hagan and Gearóid Ó hEára.

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