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PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton takes to Twitter to answer your questions

PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton took to Twitter on Wednesday night for a live Q&A session.

The PSNI boss was quizzed on everything from drink drivers and legacy cases to recruitment and, jokingly, his past career as a Hollywood actor. Twitter users submitted their questions to the Chief Constable using hashtag #AskChiefCon.

Some of their questions and the responses are below.

Q. @SamWalker7: How do sickness levels today compare to the 1970s and 1980s when officers were under real stress?

A. Different times & context. No figures for 1970s but since Apr 16 sickness has reduced by 13.6%

Q. @AnneCadwallader: What have you done to speed up disclosure for bereaved families in legacy cases? Elderly mothers and fathers deserve better.

A. Agree with Lord Chief Justice’s proposals for better case management & await NI Exec response for LCJ’s model

Q. @rainman8342: What has been you greatest achievement and greatest challenge so far as Chief Constable?

A. Maintaining service delivery and high levels of public confidence in policing against reducing budgets

Q. @TheRealJackieJ: Can you tell me the criteria for eligibility for speed awareness course on 30mph road please?

A. For the course the speed of the offence must fall within 30 mph up to and including 42 mph

Q. @PACOC1971: do you have any regrets leaving country and western singing?

A. Who says I've left?

Q. @Diid30: How many Smarties does it take to fill a landrover? Has anyone ever tried putting Smarties in a landrover?

A. 3,698,167 Smarties in a Pangolin. 4,092,473 in a Tangi. No, but I bags a seat in the Tangi

Q. Chief, you were good in Zorro: Gay Blade. Has the transition from actor to PSNI boss been difficult?

A. Similar skills required!!

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