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PSNI condemn leaflets threatening police informers in east Belfast

The PSNI has condemned as "cowardly" the circulation of leaflets in east Belfast which threaten anyone who helps them in their investigations.

The leaflets state 'All PSNI informers will be out out of this area' along with an image of a paramilitary with a shotgun and have been seen in various area in the east of the city over the last days.

It is understood that the leaflets were left on car windscreens in the early hours of Saturday in the Wandsworth area of Ballyhackamore.

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle MLA told the Belfast Telegraph that he believed that the leaflets were in response to reports of several incidents of anti-social crime in the area.

"This is a quiet, peaceful residential area close to the busy trading area of Ballyhackamore and it's important that the residents know that elected representatives and the police will be re-doubling efforts to ensure that the those behind this are found."

However, he urged those who were responding to the threat by posting incidents of how they have reported crime to the police under the hastag #IInformedthePSNI to be careful not to identify anything that would jeopardise their own health and safety.

"This is a genuine grass-roots response to show that the people of this community fully support the police."

Alliance party leader Naomi Long took to social media yesterday to condemn the threatening leaflets, calling them "disgusting".

She urged people to ignore the leaflets and continue to work with the police to keep their area safe.


Belfast District Commander, Chief Superintendent Chris Noble promised to continue to "apply legitimate pressure to those who prey onh local people".

“Police roundly condemn this cowardly attempt to intimidate a law abiding community," he added.

"Policing only works in partnership with the community, acting on those things that are of concern to the community in order to keep them safe.

"Police will continue to apply legitimate pressure to those who prey on local people and who attempt to exercise illegitimate power and cause fear.

"Our focus on tackling criminality in East Belfast and all parts of the city will only be sharpened by this clear sign that community policing is having an impact.

"I would actively encourage anyone with any information about criminality in their area to pass that information to police on 101 or alternatively they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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