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PSNI dog hailed for bravery after leaping to defence of handler during Bangor attack

A police dog has been hailed for his bravery after he leapt to the defence of his handler when two "drunk and aggressive" men attacked him.

It happened in the early hours of Sunday morning when Police Dog Jerry and his handler were sent to Bangor town centre after a report of a man trying to break in to commercial premises.

PD Jerry began to search and found a man hiding under some steps.

Police said while Jerry's handler was speaking with the suspect, another intoxicated male appeared out of bushes and both men launched a vicious attack on the handler.

PD Jerry quickly leapt to the defence of his partner taking hold of one male which enabled the handler to restrain the other.

PD Jerry continued to protect his partner and held on despite being punched and kicked repeatedly.

A PSNI spokesman said: "Thanks to PD Jerry's dogged determination he was able to keep his handler safe. The male was arrested for numerous offences including attacking PD Jerry.

"This highlights the bravery of our police dogs and shows they are fearless especially when it comes to protecting their handlers."

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