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PSNI fury over "eejit" racing around west Belfast on a scrambler

A PSNI unit has vented their disbelief after a person was reported "racing about" the Falls Road on a scrambler just a few days after mother of three Valerie Armstrong died after being hit by a scrambler.

Ms Armstrong died on Wednesday night after being struck by a scrambler motorbike while she was walking her dog in Colin Glen Forest Park on Tuesday.

Colin Glen Forest Park: Woman dies after being seriously injured in scrambler bike collision 

A youth wept as he was remanded over her death.

Weeping youth remanded over woman's death in scrambler bike crash 

Yet on Friday night a person was seen "racing about" on a scrambler in the Lower Falls area, where there were numerous children and people out walking.

The PSNI in west Belfast took to Facebook to express their shock at the report.

"It absolutely beggars belief that after the completely tragic events this week that we have some eejit in the Lower Falls area racing about on a scrambler, in a built up area where there are children and people out walking," they posted.

"The sheer stupidity and insensitivity of this goes without saying. Take a look at yourself and wise up before someone else gets hurt.

"We would appeal to residents in the area to call us immediately if this vehicle is seen in the area. Do the right thing."

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