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PSNI keen to get hands on Boston College interview tapes

As was the case with the dozens of former IRA and UVF participants in Boston College's Belfast Project, former IRA member Dolours Price spoke with the institution's interviewer a decade ago after being assured her story wouldn't be made public until after her death.

When she gave an interview to a Belfast newspaper last February, repeating claims she'd allegedly made to the college that Gerry Adams ordered the 1972 killing of Jean McConville, Britain asked US prosecutors to subpoena her interviews on its behalf.

US authorities are also seeking all 24 other IRA interviews that may contain references to Jean McConville.

It's believed that the PSNI is the party ultimately pursuing the material.

Interviews with former IRA man Brendan Hughes, who died in 2008, were turned over to US prosecutors last spring.

In December, a judge in Boston rejected motions by the college and two of its main Belfast Project staff - journalist Ed Moloney and former IRA member Anthony McIntyre - to have the case dismissed. He then ordered the college to surrender the Price interviews by last Friday.

Maloney and McIntyre secured an appellate court stay of that order late on Friday.

US authorities have until next Monday to respond.

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