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PSNI officer risks life to stop man from jumping off bridge

Police have saved the life of a man who tried to jump off a motorway bridge in Belfast.

The dramatic rescue happened at Peter’s Hill over the Westlink at around lunch time yesterday.

The man was attempting to leap from the bridge when police arrived on the scene.

Officers managed to grab hold of him and bring him to safety.

One PSNI officer risked his own safety by climbing over the railing of the bridge to reach out for the man and ensure he did not fall.

A lorry driver who was travelling on the Westlink also stopped his vehicle under the bridge to try and break his fall if he slipped.

A police spokeswoman said the man had been taken to hospital afterwards but said the PSNI would not be releasing any other information because of the sensitive nature of the incident.

Motorist Emma McGuigan witnessed the rescue and commended all of those involved in saving the man’s life.

“How these police officers managed to prevent what could have been an absolute tragedy is absolutely beyond me.

“How the lorry driver managed to get stopped in time and act quickly enough to prevent this accident is remarkable.

“I've just witnessed some remarkable acts of bravery and heroism from both the police officers concerned and the lorry driver,” she told UTV.

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