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PSNI officer who struck woman is disciplined

By Chris Kilpatrick

A PSNI officer who admitted slapping a woman in the face in a custody cell has been disciplined following an investigation by the policing watchdog.

The woman complained the officer had nipped her in the arm while moving her to the police cell where he then slapped her three times in the face.

A probe was launched by Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire.

The officer denied nipping her and claimed he needed to use a degree of force to remove the woman from the booking area of the police station. He said he slapped the woman once inside the cell as she being aggressive and abusive.

Following a review of all of the evidence, the Police Ombudsman determined the officer had failed to take a graduated response to the situation before resorting to force and that he had failed to use other options open to him.

Dr Maguire said: "I believe the slap was excessive and it inflamed rather than calmed the situation."

A file was submitted to Public Prosecution Service. They directed no prosecution. The office then made recommendations to the PSNI who disciplined the officer.

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