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PSNI probe Facebook site touting deadly pills for sale in Derry

By Donna Deeney

Evidence that hundreds of illegally imported tranquillisers are being offered for sale on a Londonderry Buy, Sell, Swap site has prompted calls for tighter regulation around what can be posted on Facebook.

Diazepam-type tablets, commonly known as 'blues', are unregulated and are thought to have been responsible for a wave of suicides and suicide attempts over a number of years.

A post on the site under the name of Derick Zapam attracted 15 comments in the first 10 hours, before a woman whose son struggled with substance addiction raised the alarm.

The woman said: "I was on the Derry Buy, Sell, Swap site looking for a vintage table when I saw this post offering to sell 'blues'. I could not believe my eyes. I immediately took a screen grab and contacted our local councillor, Warren Robinson, who had been so helpful setting up counselling for my son a couple of years ago."

A PSNI spokesman said: "Police have been made aware of the content of this Facebook post and are conducting enquiries into the matter."

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