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PSNI probes carjacking attempt on female motorist at Royal Victoria Hospital

By Joanne Sweeney

An attempted carjacking at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast is being investigated by police.

The woman was driving out of the entrance of the hospital at around 9.20pm on Tuesday when a young man approached and attempted to take the keys.

Detective Sergeant Melanie McGrory is appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

"The male has been described as approximately 18 years old with dark, patchy facial hair and wearing a dark hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and white trainers," she said. "After he failed to take the keys from the car he made off into the Divis area."

Police are unable to say at this stage if the crime is being linked to the notorious Divis Hoods gang, who are known for hijacking and stealing vehicles across Belfast.

The gang is predominantly made up of teenage boys. However, children as young as eight and a number of teenage girls are also believed to be involved.

In November the PSNI launched a new drive, Operation Galleas, to crack down on a rise of carjackings and related car crime. In 2014 it was reported there were more than 2,200 car thefts or related car crimes across Belfast - more than 40 a week. Around 80 of those were hijackings.

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