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PSNI: Reports of 'suspicious approach' in Ballymena not 'attempted abduction or anything sinister'

Police in Ballymena have said they don't believe reports of a "suspicious approach" to children was an "attempted abduction or anything sinister".

It was reported that an incident happened in the Queen Street area on Wednesday evening.

Concerns were posted on social media and shared multiple times.

Writing on the PSNI Ballymena Facebook page police said they had "throughly investigated" the report of a suspicious approach made to children.

It said: "Officers have spoken to some of the children and their families. CCTV footage has also been reviewed. The footage captured the entire incident. We have also spoken with the driver of the car and searched his car. Contrary to some comments, he wasn't arrested.

"At this point we do not believe that this was an attempted abduction or anything sinister.

"We understand the concern this type of report creates, most officers have children themselves. This was not a deliberate attempt on behalf of the children or their families to mislead. Misunderstandings happen sometimes.

"The children did the right thing in speaking to their parents and their parents did the right thing in speaking to police.

"Police officers are part of our communities and we work to keep people safe, particularly children. We hope that this post gives some reassurance."

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