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PSNI rookies let their car battery run flat in

By Donna Deeny

Two newly-graduated police officers had to be saved by colleagues after they allowed their car battery to run flat.

The officers were among a team of emergency services that attended a minor road collision in Londonderry.

They were tasked to alert other motorists on the Madam's Bank Road using the blue lights on their car.

What they didn't realise was the drain this would put on the car battery if the engine was switched off. Three hours after the entire scene had been cleared the two were left stranded in a patrol car that wouldn't move.

With red faces, they had to contact colleagues at Strand Road police station, who came to their rescue - but also took time to photograph their predicament.

Constable Eddie Murphy, who arrived to give his colleagues a jump start with a battery pack, reached for his mobile first.

"When the call came in we had a good laugh because it is such a rookie mistake to make and these were two brand new police officers," he said.

"They had the blue lights on, but the engine was switched off, and that is going to flatten the battery before too long.

"In fact, we nearly had to rescue two police cars because the officers on the opposite side of the road did exactly the same thing, but they realised their mistake before everyone had left and managed to get a jump start.

"Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for our two new colleagues and they will not be allowed to forget their mistake for a long time to come.

"We arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after they called in and had them back on the road really quickly, but not before I took a photograph for evidence just in case they ever think about denying it ever happened."

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