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PSNI silent over gun trail, says slain officer's brother


Anger: George Larmour

Anger: George Larmour

Anger: George Larmour

The brother of a RUC man shot dead by the IRA has revealed that the police have not contacted him since he made startling revelations in a book published earlier this year, They Killed The Ice Cream Man.

Seven months ago, the PSNI said it would study George Larmour's book about the murder of his brother, John, an off-duty policeman, in October 1988. Since then, he has heard nothing.

The book reveals an astonishing trail left by the weapons used in the murder.

One of the guns fired in the attack on Barnam's World of Ice Cream on the Lisburn Road in south Belfast apparently belonged to Corporal Derek Wood, who was murdered by the Provos alongside Corporal David Howes after they mistakenly drove into the path of an IRA funeral in March 1988.

The soldiers' weapons were taken from the during the incident, which made headlines around the world.

A second gun used in the attack on Constable Larmour was identical to an RUC-issue Ruger Speed Six used by loyalist killer Michael Stone when he ambushed the funeral of three IRA members shot by the SAS in Gibraltar. The weapon was eventually recovered by police officers here.

"I noted when my book was published in May the PSNI said they would 'study its contents', indicating that any new credible evidence would be pursued," George writes in today's Belfast Telegraph.

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"Seven months later and as I open the Christmas cards arriving daily on the doormat from family and friends, I have yet to receive any letter or even an email or call from the Chief Constable, George Hamilton or his office updating me on their 'study of my story' promise."

In a statement, PSNI Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy said work was ongoing.

"As stated, the PSNI will study the contents of Mr Larmour's book," he added. "We will keep Mr Larmour updated on any progress as appropriate."

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