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PSNI to refer anti-DUP placard at Belfast Gay Pride to PPS - Met say no crime committed over similar London banner

Police have said a file will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Service over the display of an anti-DUP banner at Belfast's Gay Pride this year.

It comes as Police in London told The Irish News the display of a much larger banner bearing the same slogan in their city "did not meet the threshold for a criminal complaint".

A placard which said "F*** the DUP," was confiscated during Belfast's parade in August. The organisers believed that the placard breached the Parades Commission’s guidelines on “using words or behaviour considered sectarian, abusive, insulting or lewd”.

DUP's Jim Wells complained to the police saying it was "grossly offensive to the 300,000 people who voted DUP".

Subsequently Eleanor Evans (24) from Southend but living in Belfast was interviewed by police. She said she was questioned on public order offences and inciting hatred.

On Thursday a PSNI spokesman said prosecutors will decide on what action, if any, was to be taken.

"When any complaint is received PSNI will examine the report and speak to all relevant parties to establish if any offence has been committed," he said.

"In relation to this specific case, enquiries are ongoing and a file will be submitted to the PPS in due course."

He could not say how long it would take to prepare the file.

In July a  huge banner, carried into the sky with balloons with the same 'F*** the DUP' message was displayed during London Pride. It was in response to the DUP deal with the Tories to allow Theresa May to operate a minority government.

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