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PSNI unveils new chopper

The PSNI has put its new £7m helicopter on display.

The Eurocopter EC 145 is a larger, more modern version of the existing PSNI helicopter, an EC 135.

The new twin-engine aircraft can carry up to 10 people, including crew, and has space for two stretcher casualties in rescue situations.

So far this year the PSNI helicopter has been deployed on 1,058 occasions, including 56 for public disorder and 25 for VIP protection.

The vast majority of deployments are in support of |everyday police work and successes have included tracking down 36 suspects; finding 19 missing persons; evacuating 11 casualties and locating 13 vehicles.

ACC Drew Harris said: “This helicopter is a significant |investment in our capability to respond to a range of |situations with the continuing momentum to drive |down crime and make communities safer.”

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