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PSNI urged to reveal ongoing OTR probe


POLICE have been urged to reveal whether there are any ongoing investigations into on-the-run terror suspects.

First Minister Peter Robinson welcomed comments by Secretary of State Theresa Villiers declaring an end to the on-the-runs scheme.

There will be a judge-led review into the issuing of the letters as well as inquiries by the Northern Ireland Select Affairs Committee, Department of Justice and Policing Board.

He called on the PSNI to reveal what action, if any, it is taking against any of the so-called on-the-runs.

He said: "I think the one area, and it wasn't for the Secretary of State to pick it up, that is still left to be dealt with is whether there are ongoing investigations into cases where letters have been issued.

"Effectively without those ongoing investigations into those cases then largely it is immunity; cases are closed, so I think we want that clarification."

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