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PSNI warn of Facebook scam via private message

By Claire Williamson

The PSNI are warning of an online scam coming through on people's Facebook accounts which makes it look as though your friend is sending you a message asking for money.

It happens when one of your friends has their account hacked and then a private message is sent along the following lines.

“Hiya hun, is there any chance you have a PayPal account and can do me a small favour, will not cost you and will pay you..x”

“I sold something online and need you to receive the payments then withdraw and bank transfer to me, will pay you xx”.

The police said these messages appear very personal and doubled with coming through a private message appear genuine.

Posting on the PSNI Facebook a spokesman said: "They are notoriously very difficult to find where they originated from and when your PayPal or other account is hacked can be very costly.

"Please take care and never divulge your personal details online."

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