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PSNI warn of phishing scam over Christmas period

Detectives have warned the people of Northern Ireland of the phishing scam.
Detectives have warned the people of Northern Ireland of the phishing scam.

PSNI have again reinforced how important it is to know the difference between a phishing email and a genuine email.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland posted on Twitter for the people of Northern Ireland to be extra vigilante at this time of the year.

They said: "No matter who they claim to be from, or why they need you to "update" your account information, never reveal any personal/financial/login details as a result of unsolicited emails."

If you receive an email that fits the description of a phishing email, you are not to click or open any links or documents attached to the email.

Criminals can spoof email addresses to make it appear as thought the email was sent by a person or company you know.

Police posted an example of a phishing email which tells the reader they have been summoned to court to give evidence as a witness.

The information on the phishing email stated: "It is extremely binding that you read the subpoena you received very carefully. This will state definitely what the procedures will be if you break down to do what is required of you."

"Please views court location can case information."

This is then followed by a link for you to click in to to view more information.

Bu clicking on this link police have said that "Curiosity might just lead to malware or the loss of your online creidentials."


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