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PSNI warn parents of drunk children to beware the 'sleepover' line

By Rebecca Black

Police have urged mums and dads not to fall for the "staying over at a friend's house" line, after escorting a number of drunken children to their homes.

A PSNI patrol in Lurgan came across a large crowd of young people drinking in public in the town centre on Saturday night.

They brought several of them home to their parents, and have now urged people to make sure they know where their kids are at night.

"Parents in the Craigavon area - please check where your kids are tonight," an officer posted on the PSNI's Craigavon Facebook page. "We have come across a large group of young ones in Lurgan town, some have been drinking. We have taken a few home to their parents who are not best pleased." The officer also assured that the force will be looking into where the alcohol the young people were drinking came from. "A lot of the young ones are staying at their friend's houses. Now...... We all know this is the oldest trick in the book to avoid getting caught after drinking up the town with mates.

"Where is your child staying? What about ringing the other parents to make sure that they are in and are safe? Or take a drive up the town and see if your wee mister or madam are part of this crowd?" The Facebook post met with enormous approval and almost 700 likes - including from former Craigavon mayor and parent Colin McCusker (UUP).

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