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PSNI warning as drunk teens attack officers in Lurgan

By Staff Reporter

Police have issued a stark warning to parents after youths started "a large-scale fight" in Lurgan and attacked officers.

Missiles were thrown at the PSNI as they moved to break up the trouble at Lake Street yesterday. They were earlier called to Tarry Lane.

On the PSNI's Craigavon Facebook page, an officer said the danger was not just the threat of violence - the youths were also drunk.

"Unfortunately the usual story has taken a dangerous turn," he added. "Not only are some of your kids out drinking, and in a state we would rarely see at 1am on a Saturday, but they're now fighting between themselves.

"We've just broken up a large-scale fight at the waste ground on Lake Street. Around 20 youths were going at each other, and as we intervened we took a fair number of bricks and bottles.

"Anyone we get hold of who is fighting or throwing stuff at us will be going to custody. If they are young enough to give us serious concerns about how they were allowed to get in that state, we will inform social services.

"We want everyone to enjoy St Paddy's, but getting a knock on your door by us telling you your child is in hospital, or worse, will ruin your life, let alone your day. It's time to step up."

DUP councillor Carla Lockhart backed the PSNI's call to parents.

"It is most unfortunate that young people are getting involved in this type of activity," she said. "I would encourage parents to look out for where their children are.

"What these young people don't realise is that they could end up with a criminal record and that will have an impact on their lives in the future.

"I would also encourage community leaders to intervene and engage with young people."

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