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PSNI’s use of ‘wanted kids’ images slammed

A veteran civil rights |activist has questioned the purpose of the Policing Board after the PSNI published |images of children suspected of involvement in crime.

The board’s human rights committee said on Wednesday that releasing images of children wanted for questioning was “difficult to justify” and could endanger children by making them targets for paramilitaries.

However, a police source said ‘Operation Exposure’ would be continuing in Londonderry and images of people police want to talk to will be printed in the city’s local newspapers today. None of the photographs are of young people on this occasion.

People Before Profit (PBP) candidate Eamon McCann criticised the PSNI's stance on the issue.

He said it undermined the Policing Board, which he said has now been rendered “pointless”.

Mr McCann said: “When this issue arose last summer, we were the only political |organisation in Derry which said in blunt, straight terms that this was wrong and should be stopped.”

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