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Psychic fails to predict passport hiccup ahead of Russian TV trip


A blind psychic from Northern Ireland has been chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime as the first disabled person to take part in a paranormal challenge programme in Russia.

The TV show puts psychics from around the world to the test to prove how real their powers are in a series of live challenges.

But 48-year-old Sharon Neill and her friend, celtic shaman Patrick Carberry, saw their preparations almost brought to a halt as her renewed passport didn't arrive within the time-frame she was promised. The glitch was only sorted out after the Belfast Telegraph intervened.

Sharon said: "I've been asked to represent the UK in the world's top 100 psychics in Russia. It's an opportunity of a lifetime – it's a bit like the X Factor where you go and compete in different rounds.

"And not only am I representing the UK but I'm also representing those who are disabled too and Russia is not a very disabled-friendly country – it's a big thing from a disabled point of view."

Sharon is one of the best-known mediums in the UK with the ability to draw audiences of 2,000 to her live shows.

But until yesterday the clairvoyant from Glengormley was full of dread as her passport still hadn't arrived and was putting her place in the Russian show in jeopardy. And the psychic, who has been blind from birth, says she couldn't have predicted this happening as it's difficult to do readings for yourself.

Sharon made the application on January 3 and was told the passport would arrive by January 10 but when she heard nothing back she began to panic. She said: "It was so frustrating."

Yesterday when Sharon visited the Belfast passport office she learned the issue centred around a signature.

But thanks to a phone call from the Belfast Telegraph and a new application, Sharon received the news that her passport was ready.

"I'm ecstatic," she said.

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