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Public describe flash of blue light over Larne during power cut

On Tuesday night local residents described a flash of blue light in the skies over Larne.

It happened as power cuts took hold across Northern Ireland.

At one point in the evening more than 1,200 homes were without power in the Larne area.

On social media a number of individuals claimed to have heard a loud bang accompanying a flash in the sky.

DUP councillor Paul Reid told the Belfast Telegraph he had witnesses the flash, and estimated it happened at around 8pm.

"I heard a bang and I thought it was lightning or something. It was a very clear bluish light," he said.

"It is unusual, I don’t know if there has been a fuse or something has gone with NIE. I haven’t heard a forecast of lightning. It has just said there would be heavy snow and frost, so whether or not it has got into the line somewhere."

A spokeswoman for NIE Networks said there had been received a few reports of a flash, but were not able to confirm it was the result of an electricity issue as works were ongoing to restore power. 

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, local UUP councillor Mark McKinty said he was not in the town at the time of the outages, but had spoken to residents who believed it had come from close to the Seacourt Estate.

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