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Public give big thumbs-up to new Primark shop in Belfas

Sean McCrystall
Sean McCrystall
Jacqueline Anderson and her daughter Claire Cahoon
Julia Morgan (46) and her 15-year-old daughter, Sarah

Right on queue, Belfast Primark welcomed back after rising from ashes 

Sean McCrystall (23) Omagh, retail worker:

4 items £45, two bags

"I bought jumpers, jeans, shirts. The new store's very stylish, very modern. It's very good. I left early to get here. I like Primark because of the different styles on offer in jeans, shirts and jumpers."

Jacqueline Anderson (51,) and her daughter Claire Cahoon (29), both housekeepers from Belfast:

Jacqueline 15 items, £80

"I bought pjs, socks, T-shirts, underwear and some beauty products, I picked some foundation. The new store's amazing. The girls were great, handing out bags for us. I've really missed Primark. The staff have been friendly."

Claire: 30 items, £110

"I picked up make-up, pjs, kidswear, hats and scarves and some beauty products like the false nails. I'm pregnant and having my first baby in February so I also got some baby clothes."

Julia Morgan (46) and her 15-year-old daughter, Sarah, from Glenavy:

37 items, spent £230

"I got in-store Christmas clothes, pjs, fleeces and underwear. I've got five bags. We got in the store around 9.15am. The store's bright, busy and the staff were very friendly. My daughter has really missed Primark. It's great that it's open now."

Julia Coulter (24), social media worker, Ballyclare:

18 items, spent £130

"I got some pjs, dresses and tops, Christmas jumpers, tights. A mix of going out and day-to-day things. I think the new Primark's great, inside everything's in order."

Eamonn Gibson with his partner, Michelle and son Thomas from Garvagh: 10 items, £60

Eamonn: "We got pjs, socks, underwear and T-shirts. It's great to see it open again. It was badly missed. Most likely we'll be back before Christmas. When it wasn't open we went to the Ballymena store."

Lisa Gormley (27), administrator, north Belfast:

6 items, £45

"I got a Christmas jumper and Christmas socks and clothes for wearing out. The new store's lovely, the old one was dark and dingy. It was my first time back in Belfast since the fire."

Andrew Rowan (34) with his partner Amy Chambers (32), both IT workers from south Belfast:

3 items, £25

Andrew: "I came out today with jeans and two jumpers. I like the layout of the new store and it seemed modern, all the exposed metalwork was on point. I spent a half hour. I think the appeal of Primark is the value you get."

Amy: "I work in Belfast but I'm here a whole lot. I would call in but Primark wouldn't be my go-to. We spent about half-an-hour browsing through the store."

Claire Crow (32), office manager, north Belfast:

10 items, £50

"I picked up jumpers, underwear and earrings. I think the store's lovely, Primark's so reasonably priced and their Instagram page is brilliant, I keep up with what they have there."

Fiona Dunbar (45) from Dundonald:

4 items, around £30

"I picked some animal designed pyjamas, a dressing gown, wrapping paper and this bag to carry them in. I have twin girls, Lucy and Isabella, who are going to a birthday party this afternoon so I was picking up some items. I just think the new store's fantastic. I just wish the whole store was open."

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