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Public sector pay plans will cut Northern Ireland MPs' wages

By Tom Moseley

Northern Ireland’s MPs would have their wages cut under a proposal to expand changes to public sector pay.

Liberal Democrat John Pugh said the shake-up, which would see pay set locally rather than nationally, should include MPs.

This would likely lead to a pay cut for Northern Ireland's 18 Westminster representatives, reflecting the gap between public and private sector wages in the province.

Nonetheless, two of them told the Belfast Telegraph they agreed with Mr Pugh’s stance.

Nigel Dodds, DUP MP for North Belfast, said: “I agree with that. If we are going to apply that principle it should apply across the board.”

And Naomi Long, Alliance MP for Belfast East, added: “I have some sympathy for that. The problem is that people make announcements about other people’s income without thinking about how they would cope if their income was affected.”

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