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Punishment shooting left Derry man with 'the worst injuries solicitor had ever seen', court hears

By Eamonn MacDermott

A Derry man who was the victim of a so called punishment shooting which according to his solicitor left him with "the worst injuries I have ever seen" took Xanax on top of his prescription medication and "basically has no recollection of the last two days".

Harry Boyle (26) of Galliagh Park appeared in court charged with interfering with a motor vehicle on August 24.

The court was told that Boyle was on High Court bail for other offences and on August 24 a man heard noises in the street and went out to look and saw Boyle standing at the boot of his car trying to open it.

He then allegedly moved around to the passenger door and tried to open that and was also seen peering in through the car window.

Boyle was arrested a short time later.

A police officer told the court that Boyle was on a really strong painkiller for his injuries and admitted taking Xanax on top of those drugs.

He said that Boyle had no recollection of being in court on Wednesday or the incident with the car.

He opposed bail on the grounds that Boyle would re-offend.

The officer said that Boyle simply would not stay at his bail address and when he was taking Xanax he had no idea of what he was doing.

Defence solicitor Mr Seamus Quigley said that he was not in a position to argue about the car incident.

He said Boyle had a 'long history of drug addiction' and mentioned that his injuries after the shooting were the worst he has seen.

The solicitor said that taking Xanax on top of his pain-killing drugs sends Boyle "dolally".

District Judge Barney McElholm said the drugs Boyle was on he "could have done anything".

He said Boyle "keeps breaching bail and the High Court keeps releasing him".

He remanded Boyle in custody to appear again on September 7.

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