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PUP in crunch meeting

Tommy Sandford, the Progressive Unionist Party’s deputy chairman, appealed for calm this week as tensions heightened within UVF ranks following the murder of Bobby Moffett on the Shankill Road on May 28.

“I would appeal for calm amongst all the communities, not to make any rash statements but to be came while we try to get things sorted out.”

The PUP executive was having the latest in a series of meetings at the Stormont Hotel last night (Wednesday, June 9) to decide the party’s future in the wake of leader Dawn Purvis’ departure.

With other senior figures such as David Rose openly considering their futures within the party it was looking possible, at the time of going to press, that the party might disband or even reform as a new party under Ms Purvis.

Speaking to the Community Telegraph on Wednesday (9th), Ms Purvis said she had not made any definite plans for the future.

She said she had been approached by several people to discuss the future “but nothing has been decided”.

“I have no clear plan at present and am just taking stock of where I am at present,” she said.

“Things will become more clear in the coming weeks.”

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