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Puppies dumped in box and abandoned on doorstep of Northern Ireland hairdressers

Meet the six little puppies who were dumped in a blue box and abandoned on a doorstep in Lurgan.

A hairdressing salon in the town got quite a surprise last week when they found the blue box containing six little bundles of fur.

The pups were taken to Almost Home Animal Rescue NI who think they are only around 14 days old and look like Akitas.

They are appealing for anyone who has information about their mum to come forward, confidentially if preferred, as they want to make sure she is safe.

Trustee Karen Matthews told the Belfast Telegraph: “Can you imagine, it must be awful. We are trying to find out if anyone has an Akita that has passed away and want to find the mum and make sure she is safe over next couple of days.

“I worry about her, it’s stressful enough when puppies are taken away when they are eight or nine months, it must be horrendous. I’m sure she’s been left thinking what’s happened.

“We need to make sure mum is safe.”

However thankfully the little puppies, whose little eyes are only just opening, are doing great.

Karen said: “They’ve been great but they are missing mummy.

“The hairdresser who discovered them is very animal orientated and brought them to us. They had been left in a blue carrier with a wee blanket.

“Their wee eyes are only just opening so they can only be around 13 or 14 days old.”

Karen says their main concern now is for the mother.

The puppies will stay with the Almost Home Animal Rescue NI until they are ready to be re-homed hopefully in the next six to wight weeks.

“They’ll stay and be bottle fed at the minute. It’s good fun and they are all lying sound asleep.

“You tend to find they are always unwanted and don’t get a good press but they are wonderful and so loyal.

“However they are one of the dog’s that would be destroyed more than any dog.”

Karen added: “No matter what has happened the mum is going to miss them and wonder where her babies are.”

Almost Home Animal Rescue can be contacted on 079 2292 1852.

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