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Puppies of dog dumped in bin still fighting for their lives


Neglected: one of Dusty’s pups

Neglected: one of Dusty’s pups

Dusty with her litter

Dusty with her litter


Neglected: one of Dusty’s pups

Born in a bin and orphaned just days later, these little puppies have had a difficult start.

Dusty the dog's litter, who have been named Doge, Patch and Lou are continuing to fight for their lives and are getting stronger every day.

They are being hand-fed in foster homes as their mother died from her injuries after she was dumped in a wheelie bin just before she gave birth.

On Sunday night, rescue volunteers from Animals in Need North West found Dusty and her six puppies at an abandoned Travellers' site in Strabane.

Dusty had given birth inside the bin, which was hidden in a shed at the site. Volunteers were shocked at the "awful" conditions in which she had been left.

Council animal welfare officers had visited the site earlier in the weekend but did not deem it to be an emergency.

One of the puppies had already died and Dusty was so ill that she couldn't produce milk for her babies.

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Volunteers and vets at Drumahoe Veterinary practice in Londonderry worked through the night to try to save the animals but Dusty had horrific internal injuries and was severely neglected. She died on Monday afternoon.

Since then, two of her puppies have also died. Lucy passed away just hours after her mum and Rocky died on Tuesday evening.

Karen Hart, one of the volunteers who found the animals said: "We have three puppies remaining and they are really strong. They are wee stars and fighting so well."

The charity, which was only formed in October, has been inundated with support to help the puppies. They have received hundreds of pounds in donations as well as milk and supplies.

Karen added: "It's been crazy and people have been totally amazing. It has helped me regain my faith in humanity."

Posting earlier this week, Karen added: "To every single member of the public who has donated, commented or supported us, you are amazing."

Volunteers for the Londonderry-based organisation are now arranging for Dusty and her puppies to be cremated.

Karen explained: "We are going to scatter them on a beach and if members of the public would like to be there, they are more than welcome to come along and attend."

They are waiting for the bodies to released and will arrange the memorial event after the Christmas holidays.

To support Animals In Need N.W., visit https://www.facebook.com/Animals-in-need.

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