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Pursuit of Troubles-era soldiers a bid to rewrite history, says Foster

By Staff Reporter

DUP leader Arlene Foster has told victims’ groups that the looming Assembly election is about “republicans trying to rewrite the past”.

The former First Minister also said she was completely against the “one-sided focus on what the State did” during the Troubles.

At a meeting held in Portadown, the Fermanagh and South Tyrone candidate said: “This election is about republicans trying to rewrite the past. Recently we have seen the attempts to put our soldiers and our police officers in the dock while those who maimed and murdered over the past 50 years walk free.”

Mrs Foster said a new Historical Investigations Unit set out in the Stormont House Agreement would have full police powers to investigate paramilitary murders and insisted there would be no “re-writing of the past”.

“The focus on the State has been an attempt to rewrite history and blame the State, while in reality the vast majority of murders were as a result of terrorist activity,” Mrs Foster said.

“I totally oppose the current one-sided focus on what the State did, and we are campaigning with other MPs at Westminster to support Army veterans who are now being targeted for prosecution.”

She added that “there must be no question of any amnesty”, saying: “Those who broke the law must remain fearful that they have not escaped the consequences of their actions.”

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