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Q On Air: Bin the religious nonsense, new radio station is told

By David Young

Teething troubles hit Belfast's newest radio station - Q On Air - this weekend when the station inadvertently broadcast a religious programme on Sunday.

DJ Stephen Clements' Facebook page was peppered with comments from angry listeners, outraged that their Sunday listening had been disrupted by a religious programme.

Fan Michelle Miles Cardwell said: "I got Christian hymns this morning", while Lynnette Matthews Hamilton posted: "Why the changes? Don't fix what's not broken!!!"

David Hughes wrote on Facebook: "They need to bin the religious nonsense. Other than that I'm surprisingly okay with the changes."

The DJ said: "I'm the morning show presenter for weekdays, and my show doesn't even go out on a Sunday - so I was a bit puzzled by all the negative comments."

He called for listeners to cut the station - formerly known as Citybeat - a little slack

"It's a new business, and teething troubles are only to be expected. The new local management are really fantastic. The station - formerly owned by a London company - is locally owned now, and the new management are very tuned in to what's going on in Northern Ireland," Mr Clements said. The Newry channel of the Q Radio network also went off air for a short time on Sunday through a technical fault, but was soon back on air.

Q Radio currently has stations in Ballymena, Coleraine, Londonderry, Mid Ulster, Newry and Omagh/Enniskillen, and this year acquired the former Citybeat station in Belfast.

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