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Quality time together at premium for families

The average family from Northern Ireland only gets 19 days a year where they're able to enjoy proper quality time together, a study has found.

Despite having the highest amount of days together in the UK, the average time is just 43 minutes a day a family here gets to spend with one another without distraction amid a hectic domestic life.

Christmas Day, Sunday roasts and playing in the garden during the summer were the common key instances when we really get to enjoy time together.

Visiting the grandparents, reading to the kids at night and lazy Sundays also gave everyone a chance to feel like a proper family, the study of 2,000 found.

Gemma Arranz, a spokeswoman for IKEA which commissioned the study, said: "Family life gets more hectic as time goes on, so it's not surprising that Christmas Day is when we spend the most time together in one go.

"Modern family life is hectic for many parents. Daily chores and housework are an essential part of family life but can also make home life feel very routine.

"We want to help parents to make the most of this time and see it as an opportunity for interaction and engagement with their kids, not something that gets in the way."

Two in five parents polled from Northern Ireland felt they weren't getting the balance right in terms of time spent being with their loved ones.

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