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Queen's Film Theatre accused of censorship in row over 'gay therapy' film

Mike Davidson (right), of Core Issues Trust, with his wife Lynore
Mike Davidson (right), of Core Issues Trust, with his wife Lynore
Victoria Leonard

By Victoria Leonard

The leader of a Christian organisation who says that gay people "can choose not to live out homosexuality" has accused Queen's Film Theatre (QFT) of censorship after claiming that it refused to screen a film about people "emerging" from gay lifestyles.

Mike Davidson (63) is the head of the Core Issues Trust in Ballynahinch, Co Down, which claims it is "challenging gender confusion".

The father-of-two, who has undergone counselling for homosexuality and has been married to his wife Lynore for 38 years, provides "sexual attraction fluidity exploration" therapy from his base.

He said his group was refused permission to host a private, invitation-only screening of the film Voices Of The Silenced at the QFT in Belfast.

A private screening of the film at London's Vue cinema in Piccadilly was pulled last month after the event drew criticism. The film was screened at an alternative, unnamed London location.

Mr Davidson said QFT was "stifling" alternative viewpoints by refusing to screen the film.

"The film features 15 people coming out of homosexual lifestyles," he said.

"I initially made an inquiry to QFT in February and they came back to me and said the programme had already went to print and they had nothing available in March.

"When I asked about April, I got an email saying my request was denied and quoting Queen's University's equality agenda.

"We had gone to Queen's as we felt it has been very deliberate in its promotion of LGBT films over the years.

"It was a private, invitation-only event.

"It is censorship and intolerance. They aren't prepared to discuss this.

"It's almost as if when you are in the UK, if you have feelings around homosexuality, it's mandatory to identify as gay because you can't get help to do anything with it.

"If you have these feelings, you are going to be pushed into affirming homosexuality because the gay lobby claims you are born gay."

Mr Davidson claimed that gay people could "choose not to live out homosexuality and can deal with their feelings to the point that they can have a viable relationship with the opposite sex". "We are not victims, we can find ways of living that are consistent with our values," he added.

"I can offer support to them in their autonomous choice to explore other options."

A QFT spokesperson said: "The mission of QFT is to widen access to film through the delivery of a varied programme that actively encourages appreciation, enjoyment, debate and understanding.

"In addition, the QFT is committed, through its approved programme, to continue to promote and respect equality, diversity and inclusion."

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