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Queen’s looking for dementia answers

Queens University are appealing for volunteers to help in a study with the fight against dementia.

The project, named SONIC2S, aims to establish whether or not brain training can prevent dementia and preserve |mental sharpness.

It plans to explore the mobile phone as a means of brain training, making use of its accessible and portable nature.

Researchers at Queens are currently gathering information on the views of older adults and healthcare personnel on brain training in an attempt to identify the top motivations of older people for engaging in brain training activities.

The project also aims to explore the |relationships between existing software and standard measures of cognitive and functional performance.

Oonagh Thompson, a post-graduate research student at the Centre for Public Health, said: “Currently, there is no curative treatment or proven prevention measure for dementia.

“We can expect an increasing |dementia burden in line with our |rapidly ageing population. Strategies |to prevent, delay the onset of, or slow |the progression of, dementia or |cognitive decline are therefore |urgently needed.

“Some evidence indicates that brain training can improve mental sharpness in older adults. However, its role in |dementia prevention is uncertain.”

Researchers on the project are keen to hear from members of the public who have any views or suggestions on the study, or who are willing to take part in the research in the form of |questionnaires, surveys, and testing of brain training software.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the SONIC2S website at , or alternatively |call on 02890 972157 / 07824 992203 or email

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