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Quinn executives advised by police to install panic rooms as Kevin Lunney undergoes surgery

The silver BMW which was involved in the abduction of Kevin Lunney near Kinawley, Co Fermanagh
The silver BMW which was involved in the abduction of Kevin Lunney near Kinawley, Co Fermanagh

Senior staff at Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) who have been threatened with violence have been advised by police to install panic rooms in their homes.

The executives have also been advised not to stop their cars for any person or for any reasons on the roads, the Irish Times reports.

The advice from the Gardai comes after the company's chief operating officer, Kevin Lunney, was kidnapped on Tuesday near his Co Fermanagh home and was found with serious injuries on Tuesday night in Co Cavan.

Sources have told the Irish Times that police had advised on the installation of panic rooms, which are designed to be invulnerable to attack or intrusion. Officers were also sent to the homes of other QIH executives on Tuesday night immediately after Mr Lunney's abduction to ensure they were safe.

Mr Lunney was subjected to a two-hour ordeal, during which he was viciously beaten by a group of masked and armed men.

His injuries have been described as "life-changing" by gardai, who said he was beaten "within and inch of his life".

Mr Lunney was tortured with his finger nails pulled out and industrial-strength bleach poured over his wounds.

The dozen-strong gang had prepared a horsebox as a mobile torture chamber before the attack. Mr Lunney also had his face and neck slashed with a Stanley knife and his right leg was badly broken twice below the knee.

Mr Lunney and other QIH executives have been the subject of numerous threats in recent years since they began running some of the companies formerly part of the empire run by businessman Sean Quinn.

Chief executive of Quinn Industrial Holdings Liam McCaffrey described Mr Lunney's attackers as "depraved individuals".

Kevin Lunney horror attack
Kevin Lunney horror attack

Asked by radio station Northern Sound if he has a message for those who carried out the attack on Mr Lunney, he said: "Anything I say is not going to have an impact on the type of depraved individuals involved here.

"My message is clear to any decent human being listening on the radio today. If you have any inkling about who has carried this out, you need to get the information to the authorities," he said.

Mr McCaffrey added that Mr Lunney has undergone surgery on his leg following the incident.

He said Mr Lunney was moved from Cavan General Hospital to Drogheda General Hospital on Wednesday night for the operation.

Mr McCaffrey added: "He underwent a procedure to reset his leg. He had a steel pin in because it was broken in two places. He was happy to get that out of the way because it lessened his pain."

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