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Quiz 'could boost decision making'

Taking everyday decisions could be made easier by a new educational computer game, say researchers.

The game, invented by experts at Queen's University, Belfast, teaches people to assess uncertainty when faced with simple choices.

Learning to weigh up risks and likely outcomes by playing the game can improve decision-making skills, it is claimed.

"It's the first ever online quiz designed to let people estimate how sure they are of their answers and score more highly if they don't ignore their uncertainty but realistically assess it," said project leader Dr David Newman.

"Whether the choices facing us are simple or complex, a greater awareness of uncertainty and of our own biases can improve the quality of our decision-making.

"We believe there's real potential for people to acquire that awareness through computer games."

The hope is that games manufacturers will develop the prototype into an e-learning or training tool for both professionals and the general public.

Games of this type could in future be used both for education and entertainment, say the researchers.

The work is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Anyone can try out the game by going to the web address


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