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'Quotas not best route for women'

By David Young

THERE is no room for complacency in efforts to ensure more women obtain top roles in public life, a leading US diplomat has told a gathering of senior female police officers in Belfast.

But Barbara Stephenson, a former minister in the US Embassy in London and one-time consul general in Northern Ireland, insisted quotas were not the way to achieve greater workplace parity between the sexes.

Ms Stephenson, now dean of leadership and management at a training institute for US diplomats in Washington, was keynote speaker at the national Senior Women in Policing conference.

The two-day event, which has come to Northern Ireland for the first time, marks the last major engagement for outgoing PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie – the service's highest ranking woman.

Ms Stephenson said a "stalling" of the drive to achieve more top ranking females in the US diplomatic service was being mirrored in organisations such as the PSNI.

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