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RAF Tornados cause a whirl over Northern Ireland skies

By Patrice Dougan

RAF fighter jets, like those currently deployed in Libya, have been seen flying over Northern Ireland.

The Tornado GR4s — an all-weather attack aircraft — were spotted flying low in the skies over Ballymena, Cullybackey and Portglenone yesterday afternoon.

The roar of the jet planes took some people by surprise, but the MoD last night said they were carrying out a “routine test flight”.

A spokesman said two Tornado GR4s took advantage of the pleasant weather to fly lower then normal and attempt a landing approach at Aldergrove.

The fighter jets have been in action over recent days enforcing the no-fly zone in Libya, and have been reportedly bombing tanks and ammunition bunkers belonging to Gaddafi’s forces.

In 2009 the Belfast Telegraph reported that Northern Ireland could become a training ground for low-flying RAF fighter planes.

It is already classified as one of the 20 UK zones which the RAF can use for training pilots.

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