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Rain set to wash away hopes of a heatwave

By Laura Abernethy

Hopes of a late summer heatwave are set to be dashed today as it starts to cool down again.

Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday reached over 20C, and with widespread sunshine and clear skies many thought the warm days were here to stay for the foreseeable future.

But the weather is set to turn once again as, according to the Met Office, today is going to be cloudy with outbreaks of rain. Temperatures are expected to be around 18C.

Looking towards tomorrow, there will be a cloudy and damp start, but the Met Office said it would become drier and brighter later in the day.

Some heavy rain is predicted for Friday, with strengthening south-easterly winds, and the poor weather is expected to continue into the weekend, with Saturday forecast to be a cloudy day with heavy showers.

Temperatures are set to fall right across the UK, forecaster Emma Sharples said.

She explained: "By the time we get to Thursday, we'll be back into much fresher conditions again, temperatures down to around the high teens and low twenties, with a typical mix of summer weather, which we're used to in the UK."

A "Spanish plume" was expected to sweep across the country, but a change in direction means the predicted highs of 30C and above are unlikely.

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