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Rainy days dry up for Armagh in November

By Staff Reporter

Autumn in Armagh was the driest since the exceptionally dry season of 2007, weather experts at the city's observatory have said.

But last month alone was the driest and brightest November for three years and, the coolest for six years, according to the Armagh Observatory.

Over November, there were 41.15mm (1.62ins) of rain at Armagh - around half as much as usual.

From September to November was also slightly milder than average. The warmest day was 14.7C on the 14th, and the coldest night was -2.9C on the 20th.

With a total of 75.5 hours of strong sunshine, this was the sunniest November at Armagh since 2013.

For the whole of Northern Ireland, today's outlook is for a cloudy and dull day with occasional rain.

The Met Office said it would become breezy with strong southerly winds near the east coast. The maximum temperature is expected to be 10C.

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