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Randox forensic testing allegations: Northern Ireland firm's statement

"No question mark over the RTS quality system"

Randox issued a lengthy statement after Manchester police opened an investigation into forensic testing claims of "manipulation". Below is the Crumlin-based company's statement on the matter.

"You are now likely to be aware of a story in the media, concerning the compromise of some toxicology results provided into the criminal justice system in England and Wales by the Manchester laboratory of Randox Testing Services (RTS).  RTS are treating this matter with the utmost seriousness., and totally refute the claim that samples were ‘fixed’. To explain the background:

  1. This issue came to light as a result of an internal investigation and RTS immediately informed the appropriate authorities, including Greater Manchester Police, who are now conducting a criminal investigation into two individuals. The two individuals concerned have worked at RTS Manchester for approximately three years, and RTS have no association with Trimega or Ingemino, who previously operated from the Manchester site. RTS Manchester have been providing toxicology results to the criminal justice system since November 2015.
  2. Contrary to media reports, the internal investigation centres on the manipulation of quality control data, which supports test results. There is no evidence that either the samples or the quality control materials themselves were subject to interference.
  3. There is no evidence from our internal investigations that the processing of alcohol samples has been affected. All evidence indicates that the activities under question are restricted to the processing of toxicology quality control data.  Alcohol analysis in drink-drive cases is not conducted at RTS Manchester.
  4. These actions were restricted to the RTS Manchester laboratory. It would appear that this data manipulation was not as a result of a specific system failure but because of a criminal and intended act. These actions were also in contravention of our well-established, robust practices and procedures.  Whilst there are agreed turnaround times with customers, RTS have never imposed internal performance targets upon laboratory staff to achieve these turnaround times.
  5. A number of toxicology results, which are part of due legal process, have been compromised.  Randox Testing Services are working tirelessly to fully assess the impact and implications for each case. Where possible, when viable, samples will be re-run to provide robust, uncompromised results.
  6. There is no question mark over the RTS quality system or the robustness of our practices and procedures.  This situation has occurred as a result of the perverse actions of individual(s) – for which they may be held legally accountable.

Please rest assured that RTS have acted with absolute propriety and speed in this matter, and will continue to work tirelessly with the Police and all appropriate authorities to resolve the outstanding issues and support the ongoing police investigation.

RTS systems have proven to be robust and our investigation quickly identified the improper actions of individuals.

Randox Testing Services remain committed to the provision of a toxicology service of the highest quality to our customers."

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