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Rathgill’s graffiti eyesore

The Department of Regional Development (DRD) has refused to remove graffiti painted on a road in the Rathgill estate in Bangor.

The graffiti relates to reported drug dealing in the area and reads ‘Save Our Kids — Dealers Out'. It has been daubed on the road in Rathgill Grove.

Graffiti was also painted on nearby houses, which has since been removed by the Housing Executive.

Karen Worrall, from Rathgill Community Association, said she had received a letter from DRD this week saying it did not have the resources to remove the graffiti.

A spokeswoman from DRD said: “Roads Service currently target its resources in removing graffiti where it is considered to be of an offensive nature.”

Karen said the association did not have the equipment to remove the graffiti which will now be left until it is weatherworn.

“We simply don’t have the financial resources to buy equipment to remove the paint,” she added.

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