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Ravara House protest

Councillor Alex Easton has launched a letter writing campaign, in partnership with Kilcooley Community Forum, in opposition to the possible closure of Ravara House residential home in Kilcooley, Bangor.

The campaign will ask Health Minister Michael McGimpsey to oppose the South Eastern Trusts proposal to close Ravara.

“It is clear that there is anger within the local community at the South Eastern Trust’s proposals and I, in partnership with Kilcooley Community Forum, am calling for a huge response from residents from within Kilcooley to sign the protest letter,” said Councillor Easton.

“To see residents being put at threat of losing their homes is unforgivable and shocking. We must all unite together to ensure that the strongest possible voice and pressure is applied to save Ravara House. The protest letter gives different alternatives to the South Eastern Trust’s plans, and I would call on the trust to consider them seriously.”

Ravara House in Bangor and Loch Cuan House in Newtownards face closure through a lack of patients and a planned modernisation of care facilites for the elderly in Northern Ireland.

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