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Ravenhill Road residents hit out at poor bus service

Residents in the Ravenhill Road area have criticised the bus service provided by Translink.

UUP Pottinger councillor, Philip Robinson, who has asked for a meeting with Translink, said the complaints are over the Metro route. “The buses are infrequent during the week and on Saturdays, and there is no service on a Sunday.

“People have to walk to the Ormeau Road, the bottom of the Albertbridge Road, or the Woodstock.

“People want to get buses because of the parking charges in town, but the buses aren’t reliable enough.”

He said people from Bendigo, Carrington, Ardenlea Avenue and Ravenhill Court were at a loss as to where they could get buses.

“I’ve had calls from people right along the Ravenhill Road,” he said.

“We’re looking at having the service improved. This is the issue I intend on raising with Translink.”

Susan Clarke, whose son goes to school on the Ravenhill Road said: “To be honest, you don’t see people waiting at the bus stop on the Ravenhill Road because you very rarely see a bus.

“They used to have two an hour but now it is down to one an hour.”

Megan Kunst, from Chesham Crescent, said: “I only use the Cregagh Road to get buses as they come every 15 minutes.

“I tried to get one from the Ravenhill Road on a day when I had an appointment but I had to hot-foot it over to the Cregagh to get there on time. A bus every 30 minutes would be better, on the Ormeau Road it’s one every ten.

“I’m lucky because my boy goes to Parkside so we walk there.

“Next year he will hopefully be going to Loughview so there is at least a bus that takes him up there even though it is very early in the morning.

“I don’t know how many people catch the bus from the Ravenhill Road, but if there were more from there I would use it. You’d think with it being such a busy street that there would be more.

“The bus is often early so if you miss it you have so long to wait that you’d better have another plan to get where you need to go.”

A Translink representative said: “Ravenhill Road is part of the Metro network and offers increased peak time services for commuters. Outside of peak hours, the level of service reflects the demand in the area and we operate an hourly service in each direction throughout the day.

“We have been in touch with Councillor Robinson to set up a meeting to discuss these issues.”

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