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Raymond McCord: A betrayal of victims


Raymond McCord

Raymond McCord

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Raymond McCord

I'm disgusted. Victims have been betrayed again. Politicians have helped to ensure that paramilitaries are more important than victims.

This is all about money - money and power. Where is the justice in all of this?

David McNarry helped organise this initiative. I haven't heard him talk about justice for victims, including my son, Raymond. What does that say? Don't upset the paramilitaries.

I thought the law said that being a member of one of these organisations was a crime. Why are they not being charged? We had police officers standing outside today, and the UVF just walk on in. We weren't welcome there today. They see us as a thorn in their side, but we will continue to be a thorn in their side. The Government might not stand up to them, but we will.

  • Raymond McCord's son, Raymond Jnr, was murdered by the UVF in November 1997

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