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Record-breaking Northern Ireland heat leaves Majorca in shade

Mercury rises to new levels but showers set to return

Allison and Jennifer Pioprowska enjoying an ice cream at Helen’s Bay
Allison and Jennifer Pioprowska enjoying an ice cream at Helen’s Bay
The crowds at Helen’s Bay
Sharon Graham with Daisy the Miniature Schnauzer
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

Another record fell in Northern Ireland yesterday as the glorious Easter weather continued.

Temperatures soared to 21.4C in Armagh.

And while that didn't quite beat Saturday's highest temperature of the year - again in Armagh, with 22.3C recorded - it was still the warmest Easter Monday since records began.

On Easter Sunday, Northern Ireland beat a 95-year-old record when the mercury hit 21C at Helen's Bay near Bangor.

Anyone who headed off to Majorca for an Easter break will be jealous when they arrive home, as Northern Ireland temperatures were eight degrees higher than on the Spanish island yesterday.

The hot spell sent sun worshippers heading to the seaside, marking the perfect end to the holidays for many families.

But we won't be taking the warm weather with us into the remainder of the week.

Temperatures could drop by as much as 10C over the next few days with much cooler and more unsettled weather on the way, according to forecasters. By Thursday all parts of the country will see showers - mixed with sunny spells in between.

"Britain's warm air over Easter weekend has come all the way from Turkey and the Middle East," said Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith."But people are really going to notice the difference as we go through the week.

"We will see lots of thundery showers and in just a few days we will lose over 10C.

"The west and north west could also see quite high winds. There is even a possibility weather warnings will be issued."

The weekend will bring much cooler conditions, closer to the average for this time of year.

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