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Record number of people living with HIV in Northern Ireland

The number of people living with HIV in Northern Ireland has reached its highest level on record.

New statistics show that 934 people are known to be living with the virus.

The Detail has revealed that 729 are men and 205 women.

Furthermore, 81 men and 22 women were diagnosed in 2015 bringing the total to almost three times what it was in 2006.

That is the highest number of HIV diagnosis to ever be recorded in a single year.

From the year 2000 to 2014 a total of 557,009 HIV tests were carried out in Northern Ireland.

In Northern Ireland a total of 126 people diagnosed with HIV have died, this includes AIDS and non-AIDS related deaths.

Separate data obtained by The Detail from the Public Health Agency showed that 114 pregnancies were affected by HIV from 2005-2016. The pregnancies were managed to prevent the infection being transmitted from mother to child.

Jacquie Richardson, chief executive of Positive Life has said that a new public information campaign is needed.

The group have launched a petition calling on the Assembly to deliver a Sexual Health Promotion Strategy in Northern Ireland.

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