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Refugee Sudanese family forced from Belfast home after racist attack

Pregnant woman fears for children and unborn child after large rocks thrown through window in latest attack

A pregnant refugee mother and her family have been forced from their home after a catalogue of racist attacks.

In the latest incident large rocks were thrown through the window of the family's Belfast home over the weekend.

The Sudanese woman, who is due to give birth next month, told the BBC she could not stop crying and feared for the safety of her family. They have moved to a hostel to escape future attacks.

"We have to be honest and rational. We are not from here and there are people who don't like foreign people living around them," the woman who has two children aged seven and one told the BBC.

"I want [my son] to understand this as soon as possible, so he can be ready for what might happen in the future."

A gofundme pages has been set up to help the family.

SDLP MLA Claire Hanna condemned the attack.

She said: "The shameful catalogue of attacks that this family has been subjected to is a disgrace. They’ve had their home egged, their car windows smashed and now their home attacked again in what is a campaign of violence and intimidation.

“To attack the home of a refugee family who have integrated themselves into our community is absolutely shameful. I can only imagine how the pregnant mother has felt throughout this ordeal and now that she has had to move her family from their home.

“If anyone has any information about these attacks, I would urge them to come forward to the police as soon as possible. Belfast is a compassionate and welcoming city. Those behind these shameful attacks do not speak for us and do not represent us.”

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson added: "This is a disgraceful attack on a family home and there should be no place in our society for those who engage in such hate crimes. It is vital that we send out a united message against such attacks but also clearly state that those responsible do not represent the vast majority of people in east Belfast.

"There has been a great deal of work carried out locally in building relationships and challenging some of the myths that exist around immigration and those who chose to make Belfast their home.”

Sinn Fein councillor Mairead O'Donnell also condemned the incident.  "The fact that they have been forced out of their home is a disgrace," she said.

"They and other refugees and those from other countries who have chosen to make Belfast their home, are an integral part of our community and are very welcome.

“We will not accept attacks against anyone due to their nationality, the language they speak or any other reason. There can be no place whatsoever for racism in our society.

"I would encourage anyone with information on this attack to contact the PSNI."

Police have appealed for information.

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