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Relief at DUP men's jobs

State Papers - revealed

Sammy Wilson

News that DUP duo Sammy Wilson and Jim Wells had secured full-time jobs in 1987 appeared to be greeted with relief by the authorities.

At that time, both men had been at the fore of widescale protests against the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

A memo recorded by the Central Secretariat in March 1987 noted: "We understand that Sammy Wilson (Lord Mayor) has taken up a temporary teaching post at Glenlola College in Bangor and that the appointment will continue to the end of the academic year in June. Another DUP activist, Jim Wells, is understood to have taken up a position in one of the Protection Societies (ie birds, animals type).

"On the basis of these full-time occupations it seems probable both men will adopt a lower profile and that neither individual will be in a position to devote as much time to protest action against ministerial visits."

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