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Remove my tag so I don't have to wear trousers, woman asks judge

A woman has asked a judge to order the removal of an ankle tag as it forces her to wear trousers.

The High Court was told that Norma Elizabeth Crowder (49), of Butler Walk, Belfast, was ordered to wear the tag as a condition of being bailed on a firearms charge.

Defence counsel Taylor Campbell said the tag was unnecessary as Crowder had surrendered her passport and was reporting to police three times a week.

“The curfew can be enforced without the tag,” he said. “She has to wear trousers and has been subjected to some smart remarks.”

Lord Justice Coghlin quipped: “She doesn't like it.”

He said he was prepared to remove the tag but it would mean an extension of the curfew hours. “What does she want?” he asked.

Mr Campbell told the judge: “Extending the curfew might cause problems.”

“All right,” said the judge, “I refuse the application.”

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